Artwork Conservation and restoration

Country: Ethiopia
Language: EN
Customer: United Nations Secretariat
Number: 1304973
Publication date: 11-04-2017
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Artwork Conservation and restoration
United Nations Secretariat
25-May-2017 00:00
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is seeking for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from qualified companies with the required expertise and experience for Artwork Conservation and restoration of the Africa Hall project. The UNECA Africa Hall Artwork Conservation and restoration project is for the protection, conservation and restoration works to existing artworks within Africa Hall. The work is to be undertaken concurrent with and as an auxiliary contract to the Main Africa Hall Renovation Project. The artworks are of a varied nature / medium, such as stainglass, wall paitings, carpet and both fixed and able to be removed. The conservators will therefore be required to undertake partial works onsite in Addis Ababa. The artworks are considered of high cultural significance. The conservation works must be undertaken over an extended period, to allow for preconstruction (protection) and post-construction conservation/restoration. Accordngly, the artwork conservation shall be carried out in two stages, the first of which shall start just after the early/decanting works and before starting of the main refubsrhsment works of the Africa Hall project (planned early 2018) and the second once the main works have been almost completed (planned late 2020). The Artwork Conservation scope of works will be divided into seven (7) areas and two (2) lots: Lot A i. Artwork 1 – Afew Erk Tekle Stained Glass ii. Artwork 2 – Brunetto Buracchini Stained Glass Lot B iii. Artwork 3 – Leather Skin iv. Artwork 4 – Floral Mural v. Artwork 5 – African Leader’s Portraits vi. Artwork 6 – Freedom in Unity vii. Artwork 7 – Ethiopian Rug Interested companies are therefore required to submit their EoI for all or one of the Lots. The completed Vendor Response Form should be submitted to the above-mentioned email address or fax number on or before 25 May 2017.
Solomon Chaka
Solomon Chaka
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